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beROSSI-Content-1-beROSSIWho is beROSSI?
In the first instance, the company consists of me, Jutta Humfeldt. I founded beROSSI business consulting, which focuses on project and interim management, in 2007. Since then I have had the privilege of managing and supporting many projects on behalf of my customers. Prior to starting the company, I held various positions of responsibility, which involved both management and hands-on tasks.
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Nevertheless, beROSSI can also refer to itself in the plural as ‘we/us’: that's because beROSSI is closely associated with several other business consultancies and solution providers. For example, we can quickly assemble a team to overcome challenges that call for more extensive or special expertise.
What is beROSSI?
beROSSI is a business consultancy that focusses in linking specialist departments to IT, business requirements to technical implementation and business strategy to IT strategy. We help IT teams to view the technical solution as an enabler of business processes and an innovative force, rather than as an end in itself. We help specialist departments to spot technical opportunities and to describe their requirements in such a way that the best technical solution can be found to meet them. Although we have particular expertise in the insurance industry, we are also capable of optimising this link between the specialist and technical sides in other industries as well.
beROSSI-Content-2-beROSSI Where does the company name beROSSI come from?
Rossi is a dog. In fact, he's my dog and a very faithful friend. While thinking about what to call the company, the following questions kept buzzing round my head: what should it be like, what should its defining characteristics be and what should I, on a personal level, stand for? My dog looked up at me and I thought to myself: What does this dog represent to me? The answer was easy: dynamism, energy, focus, stamina and loyalty.
And I realised that it was exactly those qualities that the company ought to display. It should be like that, i.e. “be like Rossi” or even just “be ROSSI”.

What do I understand by dynamism, energy, focus, stamina and loyalty?
Let's sum it up like this: a high level of internal energy that we target dynamically with a view to overcoming all kinds of challenges while remaining clearly focused on our skills and experience in the IT and insurance industries, supplemented by carefully selected partnerships that enable a wider range of services. Our stamina comes to the fore when finding a solution is a real struggle, but we continue to stand alongside our customers and support them until they achieve their desired goal. Loyalty grows through close collaborative relationships that are built on trust and are always reciprocal. Our customers can constantly depend on our integrity and genuine approach, whatever the situation. They show their gratitude by maintaining their trust in us.

That is what I stand for. That is what I strive for. Of course, I don't actually want to become my dog, but I do want to be as dynamic, energetic, focused, full of stamina and loyal as he is. These guiding principles flow from the image of my dog, which serves as my compass. I hope this image will also help build a picture of what you can expect if you decide to put your trust in us.

I look forward to working with you.