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Projekt Management


The main focus of my role as a project manager:

  • Transferring IT services (out-sourcing, out-tasking, hiving off, reintegrating)
  • Managing change in the context of organisational restructuring
  • Introducing and optimising processes (IT service processes, IT operational management, administration processes)

When carrying out projects in this area, the main challenge is to keep track of every aspect and to understand the complexity involved so that the optimum solution may be found. Such projects are often, and indeed primarily, triggered by the need to cut costs. But of course it is important to keep sight of quality-related aspects at the same time. The aim is also to achieve greater transparency, controllability and flexibility – but without losing any stability. During the process, there has to be due regard for the interests of the company and of employees alike.



So what you need is someone who

  • can calculate a business case
  • can assess the aspects that relate to personnel management (e.g. section 613a of the German Civil Code)
  • takes change management into account
  • understands the specialist requirements of the business processes
  • understands both the language of specialist departments and the language of IT
  • ideally has some understanding of software development as well as operation in the field of IT
  • is capable of selecting, motivating and leading large project teams
  • understands the impact of projects on IT stability and takes this aspect seriously
  • is able to design and implement a tendering procedure
  • can assess the bids submitted by providers and enable comparisons between them
  • has mastered the areas of process introduction/improvements and project management methods
  • thinks analytically and is capable of visualising and presenting the results of the analysis in a straightforward and comprehensible manner

Last but not least, a good project manager has to see enough of the big picture to be able to master the complexity involved but must also have a sufficient grasp of the details to be able to intervene strategically in specific areas.

No doubt, there are thousands of examples of people who embody each of these skills individually and to a highly specialised level. However, it is harder to find someone with all the necessary management experience, project experience, methodological competence and analytical skills rolled into one who can help accomplish the overall task. Yet that is exactly what beROSSI can offer you and the service that I, as an independent corporate consultant, provide.

And if you require someone to manage a brand new organisational unit or one that is undergoing major changes while you find a new manager and show him or her the ropes, you would benefit from beROSSI's second area of expertise:interim management.