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Examples of projects


Project Manager developing a digital attacker in the insurance sector
Key aspects/tasks handled by beROSSI:

  • managing a project team of internal and external employees with the following areas of focus: set-up, organisational structure, communication, brand, sales, product & pricing, operations & claims and IT
  • supervising the provider
  • implementing the product development using agile methods (Scrum)
  • assisting with the tender for the development and the (cloud-based) operation of the core system
  • preparing committee decisions at management board and supervisory board level in collaboration with the internal team and the strategic consultant
  • preparing for foundation incl. BaFin application
  • responsibility for risk and stakeholder management and for the business case
  • reporting to the boards of the newly founded company and the parent group


Reintegration of a subsidiary company (IT service) within the insurance industry

Key aspects/tasks handled by beROSSI:

  • evaluating the available options from a commercial (business case, ROI), process-related and staffing perspective
  • drawing up the action plan and a decision paper for the managing board, bringing about the reintegration decision
  • planning and setting up the reintegration implementation programme
  • facilitating negotiations with the new service provider, preparing the results for presentation at programme decision-making committees and board meetings
  • managing the service relationship (provider management)

Projektbeispiele-Content-beROSSIIntroducing release, environmental and test management as part of a consolidation programme at a merged insurance group  
Key aspects/tasks handled by beROSSI:

  • describing the necessary spheres of activity, establishing and heading up a project that involves a holistic approach towards all the issues identified (environment, test, release)
  • bringing about the necessary decisions while paying particular attention to the very different needs of the specialist department, application development and IT operations
  • taking responsibility for introducing and implementing test, release and environmental management
  • setting up the necessary infrastructure
  • creating and implementing the concepts for standardising test, release and environmental management
  • performing the release processes: planning the tests and go-live processes
  • managing a team of internal and external employees
  • handing the newly introduced processes over to the internal line units so that they can take charge of them and develop them further

Tendering procedure for out-sourcing SAP operations at a leading mail order company
Key aspects/tasks handled by Jutta Humfeldt in her capacity as manager and project leader:

  • benchmarking the internal service provision and the out-sourcing, particularly with regard to workstation operation and the SAP managed service
  • reorienting IT operations to create a platform-focused organisation with a defined catalogue of services and a strong customer focus
  • creating cost transparency with regard to operational products
  • running the tendering procedure for the SAP managed service

Project aimed at standardising the field sales systems for a merged insurance group
Key aspects/tasks handled by Jutta Humfeldt in her capacity as manager and project leader:

  • responsible for rolling out Windows XP to approx. 35,000 desktops operated by the in-house and field sales teams of the companies within the group
  • implementing the logistical procedures for approx. 14,000 agencies and offices
  • handling central software deployment
  • defining and implementing the modified procedures associated with desktop operation and support
  • (laptop, desktop, thin client, printers and local servers)
  • ensuring support during the roll-out process:
    • instructing the service desk staff
    • creating installation instructions and training documentation for technicians, support staff and end users
    • monitoring fault reports and tracking the correction of faults
  • supervising the internal organisation (local operations, configuration management, software deployment and operation acceptance involving approx. 70 employees in total) and the external provider responsible for the service desk and on-site support with a contract worth approx. 25 million euros p. a.
  • in parallel with the project: taking charge of client operation in terms of the line management of desktop services

Carrying out an out-sourcing analysis for the internal document service at a large insurance group
Key aspects/tasks handled by Jutta Humfeldt in her capacity as manager and project leader:
  • drawing up a detailed comparison of the options:
    • in-house provision with consolidated site concept (number of sites to be reduced from three to two)
    • in-house provision at one site that is external to the other group sites (‘greenfield approach’)
    • hiving off the service to a 51 percent subsidiary at a new site in cooperation with a partner that is able to supplement the portfolio
    • transferring the document service to an external partner in full by means of a transfer of business pursuant to section 613a of the German Civil Code.
  • drawing up business cases for all the alternatives
  • negotiating with potential cooperation and out-sourcing partners
  • carrying out due diligence
  • drawing up a paper for the board that compared the various options and recommended in-house provision with a consolidated site concept plus extensive optimisation measures
  • putting the optimisation measures in place:
  • developing and implementing a new three-tier model with annual working time accounts
  • consolidating the methods used to put the documents in envelopes at two sites
  • developing and implementing a concept for the targeted use of qualified temporary staff to cover peaks in production