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Referenzen-Content-beROSSIIntegrity and trust are very important to us and that is why the references presented here are anonymous. On request, we will of course be happy to put you in touch with the provider of the reference directly, as long as their consent is given.

Member of the Board (German insurance group):
“In her capacity as overall project manager, Ms Humfeldt efficiently and successfully managed the establishment of a new insurance company over a period of 11 months. This was a highly complex project which was extremely important to our company from a strategic point of view and involved considerable investment. In her role as Overall Project Manager, she dealt with every aspect of the company’s foundation, from preparing strategic decisions, to applying for a licence from the supervisory authority BaFin, through to choosing a suitable IT solution and implementing the agile development project. With extensive involvement from external consultants, she also had the task of ensuring that internal and external resources collaborated successfully, and validating and managing the risks of phasing out the external consultants. As planned, she then handed over her tasks to the newly employed management team of the subsidiary. Based on her experience in both the insurance and the IT sectors and her methodological expertise, and thanks to her strong implementation and communication skills, she was able to provide the crucial impetus for success. She also provided me with optimal support in my duties as a board member of the parent company and subsidiary at all times, assisting me in assessing risks and opportunities and providing the transparent and objective basis necessary for decision-making. I came to know and appreciate Ms Humfeldt as a competent and trustworthy person who displays integrity in every respect. She stands out thanks to her efficiency but also her people skills. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ms Humfeldt as a consultant and project manager for complex projects.”


Departmental director of IT policy (German insurance company):
“Ms Humfeldt successfully demonstrated her expertise while carrying out various tasks on behalf of our company with very impressive results. Thanks to her methodological competence and implementation experience, she is able to offer a broad skill set. Working in a highly systematic, efficient and purposeful manner, she provided us with strategic management advice and assisted us with business management issues as well as specific technical challenges. The ‘Reintegrating and transferring parts of IT operations’ project is a particularly good example of how Ms Humfeldt was able to expertly combine her experience of the insurance industry with her knowledge of IT and processes. Her ability to put herself in the customer's shoes allows her to gain easy access to all stakeholders. And with her assertive nature, interpersonal skills and straight-talking manner, she manages to garner acceptance for her creative ideas and new approaches. Whether you are looking for someone to handle challenging and complex tasks or someone to coach employees who need to develop their implementation experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend Ms Humfeldt.”

Managing director (IT service provider):

“Ms Humfeldt competently assisted us with a project that was both strategically important and operationally complex. By providing strategic impetus, she was able to develop realistic implementation steps that were accepted by our employees. In order to reach our goal, we will continue to rely on the consulting expertise of beROSSI for the subsequent tasks involved.”

VP, Head of Global IT Services Management (globally active logistics company):
“Ms Humfeldt is someone I can warmly recommend for IT consulting work. Ms Humfeldt handled the project management of a strategic IT out-sourcing project at our company, a task which she completed very satisfactorily.”

Member of the IT management team (German mail order group):
“I came to know and respect Ms Humfeldt as a colleague while in charge of IT operations (data centre operations, network and telecommunications, help desk, etc.). This was a large organisation with more than 180 employees and yet she managed to lead it clearly through uncertain times and take it forwards strategically thanks to her open and honest demeanour. I was particularly impressed by how quickly she was able to shape the department into an internal service unit for the software development and key account areas. This brought about noticeable improvements in the performance of the entire organisation in relation to our (internal) customers.”

Chair of the management board (subsidiary of an insurance company):
“I am happy to recommend Ms Humfeldt, who helped us out tremendously during a tricky situation by heading up the TPE project. Thanks to her perseverance, diplomacy and high levels of professional expertise and assertiveness, she was able to get the IT sites to agree on the development and testing environments in the context of what was a very difficult project setting. This was something that the internal organisation had been trying to achieve for many months, but without success. I have the utmost respect for Ms Humfeldt and the work that she does.”

Departmental director of cross-sectional IT (German insurance company):
“Ms Jutta Humfeldt acted as an external consultant to us between February 2010 and August 2011. Her involvement related to an IT consolidation programme at a merged insurance group, which took more than 100,000 project days to complete.
After briefly analysing the current status of the technical go-live activities associated with the consolidation programme, she took charge of a project that she had initiated herself called the “Technische Produktionseinführung (TPE)” project (which means “technical go-live project”). In this capacity, she oversaw a team of internal and external employees and reported to the programme and IT management teams.”
  • analysing and gathering details on existing working practices and infrastructures for development as well as test and release management
  • coordinating, devising and providing complex test environments for parallel development strands
  • coordinating, devising and introducing release and test management concepts
  • organising the operational implementation of major project milestones (releases), particularly in terms of planning tests and go-live procedures.
The major challenges during this project consisted of standardising the working practices of the application development teams at two sites, which had been very different up to that point, and securing the buy-in of the application developers while the consolidation programme was under way.
As well as performing project management tasks, Ms Humfeldt played a major role in drawing up the concepts referred to above, handling stakeholder management and ensuring that the concepts that had been devised would go on to enjoy long-term acceptance by the application developers. What's more, she identified various open issues associated with the technical go-live process (such as those relating to environments for conducting training sessions) and, after discussing these with her clients, added them to the scope of the project.
When carrying out the above tasks, Ms Humfeldt made good use of her skills, particularly in terms of analysis, the pursuit of quality, assertiveness, stamina when garnering acceptance, self-reflection and managing project team members.
Ms Humfeldt's involvement came to an end at the scheduled time – on conclusion of the project and once the results had been handed over to the line organisation along with responsibility for the established processes.
We can wholeheartedly recommend Ms Humfeldt for any tasks that call for a high level of personal commitment, extensive knowledge of release/change and test processes, project management skills and quality awareness, as well as the ability to take into account the needs of individuals within the company.”

Head of Infrastructure Program Management (globally active logistics company):
“Ms Humfeldt assumed the role of project leader as part of a strategic IT out-sourcing programme. Thanks to her experience, specialist knowledge and targeted approach, she provided crucial support for the programme. I would recommend Ms Humfeldt to others without hesitation.”